The Regent Badge

The BOOK indicates that the prime objective of a Regent student is to become educated. Our holistic approach notwithstanding, academic excellence will be an essential attribute of the Regent student.

The GLOBE signifies the internationalisation of education and the global perspectives that will be expounded in our lessons. Students will understand the responsibilities and obligations that are inherent in living within a community and a plural society at large. Family values and care for our fellow inhabitants of the world are some values that will be common to all Regent students.

The TORCH denotes enlightenment and freedom from the shackles of ignorance. Students will be nurtured, guided and motivated to realise that knowledge is the key to enlightenment.

The CROWN reflects the final glory that we believe should be proudly worn by anyone who has successfully exited our gates as a Regent graduate.

Our motto, ‘CIVES MUNDI’ is Latin for CITIZENS OF THE WORLD.’ This is the core philosophy on which our school is based. All our students will consider themselves citizens of the world without regard for geographical, ethnic, spiritual or political boundaries. In the true spirit of internationalisation and globalisation, Regent alumni will be able to thrive and flourish in any part of the world.

Regent International School seeks to inculcate 12 core virtues into all students that will guide them in their careers and lives ahead. These are denoted in our logo by 12 STARS IN BLUE RESTING ON A WHITE SASH. Whilst we are strictly non-denominational these stars represent the best human values that should rightly be guide to all of us in our lives.