Learning Outside The Classroom

We believe that the process of learning should  not be restricted to the class room. At Regent, students participate in varied activities and educational opportunities outside the classroom.
Field trips and social outreach programmes are organised to give students a hands-on learning experience. These activities enhance students’ social skills and build knowledge and understanding,
ensuring an overall personal development.

Personal Attention

We carefully nurture and prepare our students with the best learning experience. Classes are limited to 25 students to ensure personal attention is given to each child. Our educators are well-trained
to ensure students are shown care, support and concern.

Care and Concern

Keeping our students happy, healthy and hearty is important to us. We nurture them to develop and understand them better. We practise  innovative teaching methods as they study within a conducive environment.

Creative Channels of Growth

With the aim of helping our students develop outside their academic performance, we offer co-curricular activities which include art and music. We believe that involvement in art and music improves
a student’s self discipline, coordination, listening skills and self-expression.

Physical Health & Strength

Sports and physical activity play a significant part in the Regent school experience. Besides building physical strength, students are encouraged to participate to be more competitive, become
high performers, practise fair play, boost their  self esteem  and enjoy enhanced social interaction.

Global Citizen

We strive to ensure that each student is nurtured to become a global citizen.

Rising to the Challenge

The annual Top Student Award challenges our students in empowering and developing themselves into becoming all-rounders.

Enjoying the Opportunity

Regardless of the level our students are at, we pay attention to ensuring that they enjoy the opportunity to grow and study everyday. Laughing, interacting and having fun – make studying at Regent an enjoyable experience.

Open Communication

We build a true bond between our students and their educators, administrators and parents. We work towards the shared goal of seeing our students become confident young people who practise open communications.